By Mrs S Greenaway (Maths Leader)

March 2017: All of the children at Thameside now have a Sumdog account.

Who will be our Top 5 users each week? 

Top 5 Students of the Week!







 Friday 3rd - 10th March  Gregory Y5 Digby FS Oliver Y5 Archie Y6 Peter Y6
Friday 10th - 17th March Amy Y5 Evie Y1 Dounia Y4 Eric Y2 Elizabeth Y4
Friday 17th - 24th March Eric Y2 Shonali Y2 Angus Y6 Henry Y4 Hammad Y3
Friday 24th - 31st March Hammad Y3 Henry Y4 Zainab Y4 Aoife Y4 Peter Y6
Friday 31st - 6th April Henry Y4 Eric Y2 Oscar Y4 Jack Y4 Hammad Y3
Friday 6th - 28th April Zainab Y4 Aaliyah Y4 Bonnie Y2 Digby FS Henry Y4
Friday 28th - 5th May Aaliyah Y4 Zainab Y4 Henry Y4 Alejandro Y3 Thomas Y2
Friday 5th - 12th May Jamie Y3 Thomas Y2 Zainab Y4 Alejandro Y3 Henry Y4
Friday 12th - 19th May Thomas Y2 Oisin Y3 Henry Y4 Zainab Y4 Jack Y4
May half term Jack Y4 Asha Y2 Thomas Y4 Amba Y2 Thomas Y2
Friday 2nd - 9th June Alejandro Y3 Digby FS Jack Y4 Zainab Y4 Henry Y4
Friday 9th - 16th June Alejandro Y3 Jack Y4 Jordan Y4 Digby FS Martha Y5

We have also entered all of these Sumdog competitions! Let's see if we can be Reading or even National Champions!

Our winners so far...

Reading School's contest March 16th 2017 Contest

Top 10 students: Gregory (Y5) 2nd place; Elizabeth (GIB) 4th place; Shonali (Y2) 8th place; Evie (Y1) 10th place!

Top 10 classes: GIB 2nd; BAL 4th; BEJ 8th; BIG 9th; GCH 10th!

Reading School's contest November 18th 2016 Contest

Top 10 students: Shonali (YAB) 1st place; Jack (BAL) 3rd place; Thomas (YAB) 6th place; Catherine (GFM) 9th place; Felicity (BAL) 10th place!

Top 10 classes: BAL 2nd; YAB 4th; GRM 7th; GIB 8th; BHR 9th!