Rights Respecting School

Our Vision - BRAINThameside Primary School is a Level 1 rights respecting School.

This means that we think about the rights of children in everything that we do, including when we think about bahviour and safety around the school (see our Behaviour and Safety Charter below).

We have a rights respecting school steering group who meet to discuss ways in which the rights of children can be promoted throughout the school and in our local community.   

To see how our school values link to the UNCRC, please click on the attachment below.

 UNCRC stands for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.  It’s a list of rights that all children, everywhere in the world have.   Every week children at Thameside have a class assembly where a picture is used to discuss a UNCRC.




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  2. Thameside Level 1 REPORT JUNE 2014