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What parents say about maths

Results of the June 2017 parent maths survey

We Value Parent Voice

In June, we invited parents to take part in an online maths survey – thank you to everyone who took part.

Mrs Greenaway, Deputy head and Maths Leader


A flavour of what you said Thameside does well…

·         Provides resources for parents to help understand how maths is taught at Thameside

·         My child is very enthused about maths and really enjoys the lessons. I couldn't ask for more!

·         Gives the children a lot of different approaches rather than being prescriptive about how to solve maths problems

·         Maths club has also continued to trigger my son’s interest and has tapped into his competitive nature to keep improving.

·         Sumdog is great, a really useful tool. I particularly like the club maths sheets, there is a sense of competition in my daughters class to get higher.

·         Finding a variety of ways in which to help children engage with maths, and trying to communicate the schools maths practice to parents.

·         Making it fun and non-threatening


You thought it would be even better if…

What you said: Maths was not recognised by computer time - it feels like I spend time trying to limit screen time at home, but children are recognised in assembly for hours spent on Sumdog!

What we did: The Top 5 Sumdog Students each week are now calculated differently with % accuracy during their time using the programme. See the website for our Top 5 league table.


What you said: They sometimes got maths homework that isn't just Sumdog

What we say: We encourage teachers to give a wide variety of Ownwork tasks that mean the children have to use their reading, writing and maths skills to complete them.  


What you said: The parents where told what they are doing in class on a term bases. As we get very little from the children.

What we say: You can down load annual plans from the school website which show the mathematical concepts children are focusing on each week. Location: curriculum, mathematics, policy & planning.


What you said: ... the content of the maths club sheets changed every time a child has to repeat a sheet. I suspect that using the same sheet over and over encourages memorising those particular questions rather than practising times tables overall.

What we say: The idea for Maths Club came from St Martin’s Primary, Caversham in 2013 as it had worked to improve standards in mental arithmetic at their school. We adopted the same idea and have also seen a marked improvement. The majority of children at Thameside like Maths Club but we have endeavoured to adapt it for those children who need a different approach e.g. no time limit or different questions. Maths Club is just a small part of the work we do to ensure children make progress in maths at Thameside and we are aware of the fact that the competitive element does not necessarily work for all children. As maths leader, I must also be mindful of teacher’s workload and it is not appropriate for them to adapt up to 30 different Maths Club sheets that children in their class might be working on at any given time.


 Topics parents would be most interested in covering at our next workshop: