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Who Are the School Governors and What Do They Do?

The Governors of the school are like a Board of Directors. They oversee what the school does and makes sure that it is working effectively. Parents can contact the Chair of Governors directly by leaving a message at the school.

School governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They act together for the good of the school, but cannot act individually.

School governors are:

  • Parents
  • Teachers and other staff at the school
  • Local council representatives
  • Representatives from the community or industry
  • The Headteacher

Governors are appointed to support the school and ask questions about how it is working. In addition they:

  • Monitor the standards of teaching and learning
  • Interview and select staff
  • Decide how the school budget is spent
  • Look after the school building
  • Help the school contribute to the community
  • Review the head teacher’s performance.

Parent governors:

  • Have a child at the school
  • Are elected by parents of the school
  • Serve, as do other governors, for four years.

Parent governors bring the views of parents to the governing body but are not delegates of the parents. If you would like to be a parent governor, please ask the head teacher or the school secretary for details.

Contact the Governing Body: