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Insideout plays a big part in our PSCHE curriculum devised by a lady called Stephanie Weissman it focuses on their being 5 keys to happiness (  

The purpose of Insideout is to inspire children to be happy, inside and out, through a whole-school culture of wellbeing. Because happy children learn better.

Insideout is all about.

  • Having fun
  • Keeping it simple
  • Experimenting
  • Being mindful
  • Being kind

Extensive research compiled by the New Economics Foundation, in response to a commission by the government’s Project on Mental Capital and Wellbeing, shows that there are 5 evidence-based actions, that if practiced regularly, can improve personal wellbeing. Insideout have linked each of these actions to a specific 'key'. Each term the introduction to our PSCHE sessions will provide short focus on one of these  'keys' ....Look Inside, Move Outside, Be Curious, Be Kind, Share More.