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KS2 Poetry Slam

Well done to GCO for this year's winning poem performance of

Emma Hackett's Newsbook by Allan Ahlberg!

Watch it here. 

November 2019

Well done to all of the children who took part it this year's KS2 Poetry Slam!

  • GCO: Emma Hackett's Newsbook
  • GAL: Back to school tomorrow
  • GHM: Being brave at night
  • GJF: The grateful dragon
  • BAM: Zombie lunch
  • BFM: Saw my Headteacher on Saturday
  • BIG: Football mad
  • BKS: Underneath dad's armchair

2019 Winners: GCO!

2018 Winners: BHR!

2017 Winners: BIG!

2016 Winners: BHR! 

2015 Winners: GCH!