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Meet Our Staff

Staff for the academic year 2020-21

Senior Leadership Team 

Name Role & Additional Responsibilities

Mrs S Greenaway

Headteacher, Assessment, Maths Mastery Specialist, CPD Coordinator & Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) 


 Reading to Learn Leader with Mrs Katie Edwards

Mrs I Burton

Deputy Headteacher, Assessment, Writing Leader, Assemblies Coordinator, NQT Coordinator, EVC, Enrichment Leader, CPD Coordinator & Deputy DSL


Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader (acting)

Miss C Calvert
Assistant Headteacher, Learning to Read Leader and phonics, KS1 Lead & Deputy DSL

Miss C Rollinson

Inclusion Manager & Deputy DSL

Mrs R Thomas

Foundation Stage Phase Leader & Learning to Read Leader

Miss H Maddock

Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader & Maths Leader
Mrs V Lucas


School Business Manager

Teaching & Support Staff

FS - Red Team

Foundation Stage Class - RSW

Mrs Williams

Science Leader


Ms Syrett

History Leader


Mrs Linthwaite

SEND support

Miss Clark

Mrs Chowdhary

Foundation Stage Class - RCB

Mr Brooks

Outdoor Learning and Eco Council

LSA Mrs Lamb
SEND support


KS1 - Yellow Team 

Year 1 Class - YHC

Mrs O'Donovan / Mrs Hill

Geography Leader


Mrs Cooney

Oracy Leader

LSA Mrs Sutton
SEND support

Miss Sutherland

Year 1 Class - YKD

Miss Dean

PE KS1 Leader

LSA Miss Willis
SEND support

Mrs Yeates

Mrs Wheeler

Year 2 Class - YFM

Miss Mulligan

PE KS2 Leader

LSA Ms Stone
SEND support  
Year 2 Class - YLD

Miss D'Arcy

School Council Leader

LSA Mrs Jennings
SEND support

Mrs Laurent

KS2 - Green Team (Lower Juniors)

Year 3 Class - GLE

Miss England

PSHCE Leader

LSA Mrs Vuglar
SEND support Mrs Uddin
Year 3 Class - GBF

Mrs Fidgett

Library Leader

LSA Mrs Vuglar
SEND support

Mrs Solus

Mrs Wood

Mrs O'Kelly

Year 4 Class - GCO

Mrs Cooper

Music Leader


Mrs Osborne

Design & Technology Leader

LSA Mrs Lunness
SEND support  
Year 4 Class - GRS

Miss Slingsby


  Mrs Calvert
LSA Miss Gogerly
SEND support Mrs Sandford

KS2 - Blue Team (Upper Juniors) 

Year 5 Class - BAL

Mrs Lazor

MFL & EAL Leader

  Mrs Porter
LSA Miss Baker
SEND support

Mrs Mukerjee

Year 5 Class - BAM


Mr McIntyre

Art Leader

LSA Mrs Dabrowski
SEND support

Mrs Nurse

Year 6 Class - BHM

Miss Maddock

Phase & Maths Leader

  Mrs Spencer
LSA Miss Springer
SEND support

Ms Nurse

Mrs Laurent

Year 6 Class - BKE

Mrs Edwards

Computing Leader

LSA Mrs Moffat
SEND support

Miss Roseaman

Extended Schools Leader

Working Across The School 

Name Role & Additional Responsibilities

Miss C Rollinson

Inclusion Manager, Deputy DSL
Mrs C Muldoon SEND Specialist Teacher
Mrs R Porter Rainbow Room, Religious Education Leader
Mr O Huxford SEND TA

Mr O Brightman

ICT Technician

Miss C Clark

School ELSA

Mrs G Long

Peripatetic Music Teacher

Administration and Support Staff 


Mrs V Lucas
School Business Manager

Mrs E Evans
Admin Officer

Miss Raciborska
Admin/Finance Officer

Mr R Harvey

Lunchtime Supervisor Ms T Fordred
Lunchtime Support Staff

Mrs F Budd
Mrs A Chowdhury
Mrs J House

Mrs M Moore

Mrs E Palmer

Ms C Poffley
Mrs F Shah
Ms K Stevens

Miss L Viney

Miss J Wheeler