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Fluency Masters

Our aim is that all children leave Thameside as ‘Fluency Masters’, confident in their key number facts and times table knowledge. This will be achieved through lessons and completing number work booklets, times table booklets and Fast Fluency (previously known as Maths Club). You can also download the booklets and sheets below if you'd like to practice at home with your child. 

Times Tables

This year, we have introduced a new times table scheme to help children consolidate their knowledge and understanding of their times tables. Schools in our Mobius Maths Hub that have used this particular approach have seen a big increase in children's multiplication knowledge and confidence when using this teaching style in class. This has resulted in children entering UKS2 with a deeper, embedded understanding enabling them to access the curriculum more easily.

Children will be introduced to each times table in depth in a focused lesson, learning both the multiplication and division facts. Each day, they will focus on one times table fact as well as completing one test in their booklet. Children will spend roughly 3-4 weeks on each times table.

Year 1 · Children learn about repeated addition and links to multiplication, e.g. 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8 which is the same as 4 x 2 = 8. They complete Number Fact booklets daily.

Year 2 · Children continue learning key number facts and move onto using 2, 5 and 10 Times Table Booklets once these units have been covered in Maths lessons.

Year 3 · Children continue using the Times Table Booklets.

Year 4 ·  Big focus on Times Table lessons/Booklets to ensure children have times table fluency before they enter upper KS2. This will also support preparation for the Multiplication Tables Check during the Summer Term 

Year 5 · Children use Mixed Times Table Booklets and then move onto Fast Fluency after Christmas.

Year 6 · Children use Fast Fluency weekly and Times Table Booklets where needed.

Below you can find PDF copies of each Times Table Booklet. You are welcome to download and use at home with your child to consolidate their learning. Children are given 2 minutes to compete each test and must work their work down the columns answering each question in order. When marking, we strongly recommend saying each times table and answer out loud, getting your child to repeat this back while they mark their answers.

You can also find practice versions of the government MTC on the following web links: