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Following guidance from the DfE document 'Statutory policies for schools September 2014', Thameside Primary are required to hold certain policies and other documents by law. These can be categorised into four categories, as follows: 

A: Statutory policies required by education legislation

                      * Charging and Remissions Policy

                      * Behaviour Policy & leaflet for parents

                      * Managing poor performance Policy

                       * RSE  (Relationship and Sex Education) Guidelines

                       * 2018 SEND Annual Report

                       * Staff Appraisal Policy

                       * Pay Policy

                       * 1265 hours (guidance for staff)

B: Statutory policies required by other legislation, which impact particularly on schools (including academies and free schools)

                      * Data Protection Policy

                      * Health and Safety Policy

C: Other statutory documents

                       * Admissions arrangements

                        *Equality scheme & accessibility plan

                        * Complaints procedure

                        * Managing sickness and absence procedure

                        * RBC staff code of conduct

                        * Disciplinary procedure

                        * Grievance & disputes procedure 

                         * Governors allowances 

                         * Freedom of Information

D: Documents referenced in statutory guidance

                         * Safeguarding & Child Protection policy

                         * Curriculum Policy (incl. Teaching & Learning Guidelines)

                          * Medical conditions policy


The school has also adopted a number of non-statutory policies, procedures and guidance in order to support the day-to-day running of the school. 

E: Non-statutory policies and guidance

                            * Assessment guidelines

                             * Attendance policy

                             * Bullying and harrassment in the workplace

                             * CCTV Policy

                             * Calculations policy

                             * Collective worship guidelines

                             * Compassionate Leave policy

                              * Confidentiality policy

                              * CCTV Policy

                              * Data breach management procedure

                               * Data protocol 

                               * Drug administration policy

                               * Drug education guidelines

                               * Educational visits policy & guidelines

                               * E safety policy

                               * Extended schools policy

                               * Flexible working policy

                               * Food policy

                                * FOI publication scheme

                               * Handwriting Guidelines

                               * Homework Guidelines

                                * ICT pupil parent agreement

                                * Image use policy 

                                * Induction policy

                                * Intimate care policy

                                * Lettings

                                *Library policy

                                * Lockdown Procedure

                                * Lone worker policy

                                 * Marking and feedback guidelines

                                 * Parent Handbook for Foundation Stage

                                  * Physical activity policy

                                  * Privacy notice for pupils and parents

                                  * Privacy notice for staff

                                  * Privacy notice for governors

                                  * Privacy notice for job applications

                                  *PSHCE & Citizenship policy

                                  * Reading Policy & Guidelines

                                  * RE policy                             

                                   * Records management

                                  * Safer recruitment

                                  * SEND & Inclusion policy

                                  * Touch policy

                                  *Transition into Reception

                                  * Travelling alone to and from school policy

                                    * Values and vision

                                   * Volunteer guidelines

                                   * Whistleblowing policy

                                   * Wraparound care policy


You are invited to read these policies and guidance and can access them all using the menu on the right hand-side of this page. You can also use the search engine to locate specific documents on our website. 

If you would like a hard copy of any of our policies or guidance, please ask at the school office or e-mail