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SEND & Disability Forum

In October 2013 a new parent-led group at Thameside School was set-up for parents and carers of children with a disability or special educational needs.   It is independent of the school but operates with its full support and encouragement, promoting the good partnership between us.

The aims of the group are to:

  • Provide support to each other by listening and sharing ideas 
  • Increase our skills and knowledge by inviting specialists along to share their expertise
  • Give our input into shaping new ideas at school, and providing feedback on new initiatives
  • Share information on new legislation that affects us, and on upcoming events

Information is also shared via email, and parents who are not able to come to coffee mornings (or would prefer not to) can choose to join the group’s email distribution list.  Importantly, it costs nothing to be part of the group and to come to meetings.

This group was set-up and previously run by Ruth Moyse. The group was then led by Lisa Donnelly, but her son has now left Thameside for secondary school. Thameside would like to thank Ruth and Lisa for all their help and the time they have put into this. Please let Miss Rollinson know if you would like to lead this group, or for more information about what this entails.